●First of all●

First of all, please contact us from the CONTACT FORM. Basically, we have you in our studio, talking and explaining directly to us and getting the materials in hand.

✴︎For those living from afar, we can communicate and exchange by post, e-mail etc. Also, all materials can be sent out by letter pack. In this case, please return it to us upon arrival within one week of timeframe.

✴︎Please note that the shipping fee will be borne by the customer in full amount.

Please follow through the following steps.

●Decide on a design●

Please allow us to refer to your bag or tell us what design you prefer with simple illustrations or information.

✴︎If you are living afar, please send us a copy of the text accompanied by a picture or e-mail.

You get to have a look at up at the leather, while touching it with your hands feeling it, and choose one that has a color appealing to you.

In addition, we may also suggest materials that will suit the design.

✴︎If you are living afar, please let us know which leather you would like a sample for reference, and we will send you a via post. Click LEATHER for more info.

● Select plating of metal fittings ●

When using metal fittings please choose your preferred plating.

✴︎If you are living afar, we will send samples for reference to you a via postage. Click METAL FITTING for more info.

● Select the type of fastener ●

If a fastener is needed, please choose the material of the slider and your favorite color.

✴︎If you are living afar, we will send samples for reference to you a via postage. Click FASTENER for more info.

● Select the stitching color ●

For stitching, we work with Binimo using the sewing machine, and hemp thread for the hand stitches. Please choose and tell us your favorite color for it.

✴If you are living afar, we will send samples for reference to you a via postage. Click STITCH for more info.


● Select interior materials ●

Besides the fabric and leather, the INTERIOR also supports the bringing in of the commercial pattern fabric.

Depending on the material, we also provide services to make bags, etc out of clothes and others, which were once your favorites but not able to wear them now.

● About pricing ●

In a very roughly estimated figure, if it is a wallet it is about 30,000 yen, if it is a bag it is around 50,000 yen.
Pricing also varies with the materials used and design.

Please refer to the material name / color name / hand sewn or sewing machine sewing / price used in case you have a particular design which interests you while viewing photos in the GALLERY section.

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